Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc. Poblacion, Bustos, Bulacan Philippines
Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc.Poblacion, Bustos, BulacanPhilippines


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 Colegio de Sto. Niño de Bustos, Inc.   in Partnership with Microsoft  open SY 2020-2021 on July 13, 2020


Quality Performance System

Canteen Payment System

Microsoft learning Centre

Microsoft Education Store

Humility, Respect & Obedience

In the Threshold of blending Corporate and Christian Perspective into One

We believe that our VMA, master plans and core standards will distinguish CSNB .


Our ICT infrastructure; EPS or E-canteen, QPS (quality performance system), CGS (Colegio group system) & our partership with Microsoft Education for a seamless implemenation of our Virtual School will stimulate education, employement and protect health. CSNB is one of leading school in digital transformation, but making the experience still personal to all its stakeholders.

In the recent live broadcast, I firmly beleive that continous inacitvity or school closure is much more damanging that Covid-19, not just for the economy of the school, its employees and the community but to the development of our students.


We will do everything to make education affordable but also capable of sustaining our employees and operations. Fees can not be declared free but we are working relentlessly to get the hard hit family with tuition fee subsidy from KCSNB and other charitable institution. CSNB will make education accessible to all while protecting employment and the schools sustainability.


In our leadership and determination we have exceeded the expectations of the CSNB’s master Plan and shows the best outcomes:

      ·         The excellence of our people - not least those involved with pupils

      ·         The excellence of our facilities and virtual school

      ·         The excellence of our relationships

      ·         The excellence of our information systems

      ·         The excellence of our service to pupils

·         Accessible and responsive services

·         Responding to what parents tell us is not working

·     A School  that offers services at times and places to meet each pupil's needs

·    A School  that is open with parents and the public about its  strengths and weaknesses

      ·         The excellence of employment of staff

·         An employer of first choice

·         A School  with strong internal systems and communication

·         A School  that prizes family & community focussed


·    An open and honest employer which encourages staff to reflect on and learn from their performance


Robert Vicente

Chairman, President & Technology Director

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