Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc. Poblacion, Bustos, Bulacan Philippines
Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc.Poblacion, Bustos, BulacanPhilippines

Kapatid ng CSNB Foundation, Inc.

Help support the indigent. 

Kapatid ng CSNB Foundation, Inc. is the charity arm of CSNB that sustains and advocates education as right for all children regardless of any incapacities; financial, physical and mental. We hope for stronger district, provincial and national fund drive.

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If you have any queries or wish to make feedback,suggestions please contact us:

   (0925) 7716138
   (044) 668-0002 


with PABX lines in each major office or work area.

Or email any member of the management team

Or secure post activity review form from the principal.

Or accomplish the service evaluation form attached in the student guide

Or follow Article IX of the student guide for any formal complaint.

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Colegio de Sto. Niño de Bustos, Inc.

1st quarter online BOT meeting with the chair & President (Mr. Robert Vicente)

Towards first class facility, first class people & first class technology

We believe that our current plans/programs summarised in the k-12 whitepaper will distinguish CSNB .

By 2020, we shall have exceeded the expectations of the CSNB’s master Plan and will be able to show the best of outcomes for pupils.

These features will set us apart:

·         The excellence of our people - not least those involved with pupils

·         The excellence of our facilities

·         The excellence of our relationships

·         The excellence of our information systems

·         The excellence of our service to pupils

·         Accessible and responsive services

·         Responding to what parents tell us is not working

·         A School  that offers services at times and places to meet each pupil's needs

·         A School  that is open with parents and the public about its strengths and weaknesses

·         The excellence of employment of staff

·         An employer of first choice

·         A School  with strong internal systems and communication

·         A School  that prizes family & community focussed education

·         An open and honest employer which encourages staff to reflect on and learn from their performance

We are deeply passionate in providing the best catholic leadership education and formation to our students making them locally and globally competitive. We embody our core values that have been nurtured by CSNB, a caring Christian/catholic school that believes in the inherent goodness and uniqueness of members, non-discriminatory and that provides equal opportunities in education and employment.

We believe that CSNB can be best in the world by igniting and empowering the students/teachers(school), the parents(home) and the community on the true standards and practices of good governance, well blended with Christian and corporate convictions.

With the above convictions, we commit our resources in decongesting  and refining our standard, curriculum and services. We shall aim in implementing the new 12 years basic education(K to 12 law) from previous 10 years traditional curriculum, hence, ensuring local and global employability of all Filipinos.
God bless.
Robert Vicente
Chairman & President






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United Nations Day

Activities for the month of January 2019


 3-4          Regular class days

 7-11        Regular class days

 7             2nd Quarter recognition

 11            2nd Friday Mass

 14            Regular class day

 15            Educational Tour

 16            Rest day after the trip

 17            Regular class day

 18            Minasa Festival Showdown (tentative)

 20            3rd Sunday mass

 21-23       Regular class days

 24-29       3rd Quarter Exam

 28-Feb. 1 Foundation   Week/Intramurals/

                  Youth Night

Five year transitional Plan to strengthen our people, facility and information assets and infrastructures

The Beacon

People Resources

Facility Resouces

Information System

Our humble beginning

Our dream, our purpose



Our Contributors in action. Aiming high



CSNB turns 1 in 2001


Happy 15th Birthday CSNB