Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc. Poblacion, Bustos, Bulacan Philippines
Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc.Poblacion, Bustos, BulacanPhilippines


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Colegio de Sto. Niño de Bustos, Inc. in partnership with Microsoft opens another Consistent, Innovative, and Engaging SY 2024-2025 on July 15, 2024


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In the Threshold of blending Corporate and Christian Perspective into One

With the continuous threat of covid 19, we have seen the effect across the globe on the economy and health. For education, we have come out resilient, more engage and innovative. Our motivational survey from students and employees reveals, from being stressed, frustrated they feel more cautious and look forward to 2021 more inspired and optimistic but feels that the future of learning will be more personalized, contextual, inclusive, safe, and secure be it with face to face or online modalities.

Your development matters most, we must take calculated risks now to lessen the impact of regression due to social isolation. 

Keeping these concerns in mind, although we believe that the school is the safest place for students and teachers, we will observe a progressive but cautious plan towards returning gradually (and in stages) to onsite classes. Pre-elem/Elem and Junior high from synchronous or real-time class sessions or Asynchronous using modules or not real-time requirements, chats, or messages during the first semester to fixed one day a week rotational class by 2nd semester. For Senior high students during the first semester a blend of synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid education to full physical attendance by the second semester. Until we have fully increased the number of days of physical attendance. This progressive roadmap is subject to change depending on the threat of infection and approval by IATF and DepEd.

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