Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc. Poblacion, Bustos, Bulacan Philippines
Colegio de Sto. Nino de Bustos, Inc.Poblacion, Bustos, BulacanPhilippines


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The Pre-elementary department is dedicated to the task of providing instruction, training in various stages of a pre-school and specifically, the department aims:

1. To teach young boys and girls to serve and love God, his community, his neighbor and friends, his parents and himself;

2. To discover what is good and proper for one's self;

3. To enable the young child to get along with his classmates, school community, neighbors, siblings and parents;

4. To teach the fundamentals of our catholic faith and develop the spirit of service with humility and simplicity;


The department aims to produce young catholic leaders and citizen who will know, love and serve God, his fellowmen and his community. Elementary program is geared towards the development of this goal and who will prepare the youth for constructive and fruitful Christian life in a democratic society. Specifically, the department aims:

1. To inculcate a deep love of country and abiding faith in God and fellowmen;

2. To promote among the students the christian spirit thorugh the realization of ideals, values and high moral integrity;

3. To deepen a feeling of involvement and concern in community issues; and

4. To stimulate leadership potentials and assist students to become effective change agent through specialized development programs.

High School 

Recognizing the fact that teenagers had develop profound logical thinking and is aware of his responsibility to be more responsive to the needs of society, the school and his family, CSNB aims to produce competent and committed teenagers, specifically it has the following objectives:

1. To reinforce, intensify and reaffirm the psiritual, civic and intellectual skills and values acquired in the grade school;

2. To develop a sensitive awareness and understanding of the physical, social, economic, cultural and spiritual problems which affect his life and the lives of everyone;

3. To provide students the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering;

4. To cultivate a research oriented attitude through the use of the scientific method uniformly applied in all subject areas.

5. To enhance leadership potentials to function independently or in collaboration with others; and

6. To provide the learners with substantial competence and preparation for higher education with deep spiritual and moral values, so as to become committed Filipino Catholic and upright citizens of our country.

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